There are times when a divorce proceeding can become contentious. In this case, parenting coordination can be used. Parenting coordination helps parents resolve their temporary or permanent differences regarding their children and their care in a manner that serves the best interest of the children, and minimizes conflict between the parents that could harm the children.

Parenting coordination fosters cooperation between parents. Frequently, the parenting coordinator is authorized, by agreement of the parties or court order, to help the parties make decisions when they are unable to agree on parenting issues.  To the parties, the inclusion of a parenting coordinator enables the parties in many instances to resolve issues without ever having to return to court.

Used in high-conflict cases, a parenting coordinator is focused on representing the best interests of the children. In concert with the judge and the divorce attorneys, the parenting coordinator uses training as a mediator to maintain the parenting plan that has been set out by the court.

This form of dispute resolution employs case management and regular reports to the court to help children stay healthy and happy during the divorce process. During the time the parenting coordinator works with a family and lawyers for child custody, they have the authority to make limited decisions and to encourage a healthy co-parenting relationship.

John J. Ready has been providing services as a parenting coordinator since 2003 and has been at the forefront of the move in Ohio to include Parenting Coordinators as a conflict resolution mechanism in high conflict custody cases.


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