Mediation–the best way to move forward when the rest of the world is standing still.

With worldwide pandemics, civil strife, and courthouses that are all but shut down and inaccessible, what can be done to move your stalled cases forward? In a word: mediation.

Mediation could probably help solve several of the world’s pressing issues at the moment, and it can certainly help you and your spouse, or former spouse, or your child’s other parent, move forward to the next phase of your life, and mediation can accomplish that right now.

Divorcing and divorced spouses, along with never married parents, are currently hovering above this new strange world we all find ourselves inhabiting with little or no hope of progress using traditional litigation models for families in transition. For those families, it may feel like being an airplane waiting to land and running out of fuel. The “fuel” for these couples is time, money, patience, resources, jobs etc.

Mediators are ideally suited to help these families move forward, whether that means divorce; parenting issues like custody or parenting time; support; dividing assets and debts and sorting through complicated financial and property issues by meeting with the parties virtually, by video conferencing.

Even cases that are currently in litigation can be mediated, and the divorce can be brought to an end through mediation. The parties are the ones who decide whether the case should be mediated. If your attorney has not discussed mediation with you, ask your attorney about mediation (then ask yourself why your attorney never discussed mediation with you).

Mediators can help you through your divorce, or any of the issues like enforcement or modification issues that arise after the divorce, without returning to court.

Documents can be shared with the mediator and with the other party electronically.

Mediation sessions can be scheduled conveniently and regularly without regard to the current inability of courts to resolve disputes and move cases forward.

You, the clients, maintain control and are able to mutually construct something you can both agree to, privately, securely, efficiently and in a timely manner with the focus constantly being on your needs and the needs of your children, instead of waiting for the world to return to “normal” which may take months, years or not at all.

In mediation, you set the pace and have the most control over when your matter will be finished.

Contact us today if you think mediation may be an option for you and your spouse or former spouse, to move forward. We make it a point to initially speak to both parties simultaneously and generally will not speak to only one of the parties interested in mediation until the other party is available to discuss the matter. That conversation is a phone call away when you are ready to start and take control of your case and your life.