Mediation completed by a family law attorney can be an excellent option for cases where the parties believe they can come to a resolution without filing a formal legal action.

The process of mediation is guided by state law and follows a specific format to ensure that each party has proper representation and the ability to provide relevant information to the case.

In divorce mediation, a third party neutral (a person that does not represent either party in a contested matter) will help the parties negotiate a settlement of all outstanding issues. Mediation can be used before a divorce or dissolution action is filed to resolve all outstanding issues. Cleveland divorce attorneys can provide the necessary support and legal representation to help ensure a fair and equitable outcome during the mediation process.

Mediation can be an effective solution even after a divorce or dissolution to resolve enforcement or modification issues on any topic or dispute that arises after a divorce or dissolution. These issues can include everything from visitation issues to financial issues. The benefit to mediation is that it frequently enables the parties to avoid the tremendous financial burden and emotional drain of litigation. 

Divorce is not the only situation in which mediation can be used. Outside of divorce proceedings, business disputes, family disputes, contract disputes and any matter that can be litigated can be resolved through mediation services. This is particularly helpful for cases that can benefit from a more collaborative approach.

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