We represent our clients before agencies and all courts in Northeast Ohio hearing child support issues, and the modification of support if the needs of the children change or the income or expenses of the parties change substantially.

If you are considering a divorce, then one of your greatest concerns may be how the financial end of the parenting arrangement will be negotiated. Developing a child support strategy is a critical part of a divorce proceeding. At John J. Ready & Associates, we are experts at working with our clients and the court system to ensure that fair and equitable child support decrees are created and enforced.

At John J. Ready & Associates, we will work with you on an individual basis to create a full financial profile of your family before we go to court, taking into consideration any laws that may apply and any future expenses that the court should be advised of, including medical expenses and educational needs. Whether you simply want to ensure that your children are cared for, or you have a complex financial situation, our friendly, knowledgeable legal team will guide you through the process. We stand ready to answer any question that you have about how child support works and will be in constant communication with you during the entire process to advise you of your case’s progress and how soon it may be completed.

Once we have worked through the initial legal process with you and a child support ruling has been issued, we will continue to be available to help you understand how the agreement will work on a monthly basis. And, if you have any issues in collecting or paying your child support, our team will quickly come up with strategies that can assist you in meeting your legal obligations or challenging any new proceedings that your ex-spouse may bring.

For more information on the services that are available for child support cases, contact John J. Ready & Associates today! Call to speak to one of our caring, professional attorneys about the specifics of your case now.

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