Mediation–The Way Forward–The Way Out.

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Mediation--the best way to move forward when the rest of the world is standing still. With worldwide pandemics, civil strife, and courthouses that are all but shut down and inaccessible, what can be done to move your stalled cases forward? In a word: mediation. Mediation could probably help solve several of the world’s pressing issues at the moment, and it can certainly help you and your spouse, or former spouse, or your child’s other [...]

Custody, visitation and managing high conflict families during a global health emergency.

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Caronavirus: Covid19. Now what? The world is presently in uncharted territories, and it is no less so for families, grappling with the management of day-to-day life in the parenting of children of divorce. Some families intuitively know exactly what to do and focus on the ongoing and developing needs of their children with agility and grace. Other families however will find that this crisis will exacerbate and magnify their dysfunction and result in greater acrimony [...]


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(OR, HOW NOT TO BE THE GRINCH THAT RUINED CHRISTMAS FOR YOUR CHILDREN). The holidays present a unique challenge for divorced and separated parents. For purposes of this article, I am not simply talking about the ordinary stress of separation, divorce, and adjusting to parents living in two separate households; rather, I am talking about the enhanced stresses attendant to the holidays that are experienced by the children of divorced or separated parents. For [...]

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